Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Swedes, dads bond at camp

Coaches Craig Haake and Ken Rigler took members of the Gothenburg football team along with their dad’s to a father-son legacy camp in Halsey June 8-9.

Former Arkansas high school coach Ronnie Peacock was contacted by Haake and Rigler to put on an event for members of the Gothenburg high school football team, community and family, Rigler said.

“Three of us coaches went to a camp of his three years ago and were left thinking we had to do one for our team,” Rigler said.

The camp took about two years to set up, Rigler said, but the coaches are glad they had the chance to do it.

Peacock, a coach at both the college and high school level says that it is the best thing he has done in his coaching career.

The camp is about making lifelong memories, being the right kind of dad to your children and allowing a father and son to have heart-to-heart moments Peacock says.

“There were many team building things that we did while we were there, but it really focused on opening avenues of communication between fathers and sons,” Rigler said.

It involved the football team and their parents, but it was not a football instruction camp both Haake and Rigler said.

It was one the most impressive things he has been a part of in his coaching career, Haake said.

Once the camp was over everybody went back to Gothenburg and we didn’t get a chance to reflect on what happened over the weekend Rigler said.

“I’m not sure right now what the kids will take from the camp, football wise,” Rigler said. “There will be a time and place to ask that question to ourselves but that is unknown right now.”

Peacock directed the entire thing, Haake said. He showed everyone there are ways of communication that work instead of forcing us to use this way or that way.

“This is going to change some lives,” said Haake who came away very moved from the experience.

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