Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Tastes of chili

Competitors share creations: The public received an opportunity to sample all kinds of chili Friday night during a chili championship event where professional pit masters and amateurs offered their concoctions. Pictured is Lyle Franzen (left) getting a taste of Zeb Blauvelt’s recipe. Mark Boson (center) was also an entrant. Entrants numbered 21. Tonia Eggleston and Rogue Q Smokers of the Serengeti won first place in the people’s choice category and Brad Cary took top prize in the blind-test category where three judges were blindfolded testers. Other people’s choice winners were a tie for second between Hogz Brew (Cody Eggleston) and the Grillin Beavers and a third-place tie between Blauvelt and Cary. Ryan Healey and Tattoo Bob’s tied for second in blind tasting and Boson was third.