Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Choral, band students earn superior ratings

District music contest Friday at St. Pat’s

Gothenburg High School music students returned from the district music contest Friday with high ratings.

Music teacher Ernie Blecha said the choral groups were amazing with four different groups and three soloists earning superior pluses at St. Pat’s High School in North Platte.

All other GHS choral groups and soloists received superior ratings.

Ratings are superior plus, superior, excellent, good, fair and not acceptable.

For band, an instrumental trio of Jon Rehmert, Remmy Rocha and Roman Schmidt earned superiors as did four soloists.

The soloists included Sydney Pride, clarinet; Trenton Long, trombone; and Holly McPheeters and Rachel Rice, flute.

Flutist Jessica Boehle got an excellent rating as the did the high school band.

“It was a great day for the instrumental program,” Belanger said.

In addition to the high school chorus, the following groups received a superior plus.

Small groups

Freshman/sophomore boys octet, “Who Will Be A Witness?”—Drake Langley, Roman Schmidt, Jacob Franzen, Hayden Hubbard, Marcus Fritton, Caleb Rice, Alex Jorgenson and Archer Jensen.

Junior/senior boys octet, “What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor?”—Curtis Andres, Drake Brand, Joe Darling, Jon Rehmert, Brett Mann, Rhett Lindholm, Blake Ristine and Cody Cooper.

Men’s chorus, “The Maid of Llanwellyn”—Tyler Baker, Curtis Andres, Drake Brand, Hayden Hubbard, Drake Langley, Jon Rehmert, Roman Schmidt, Jett Seimer, Joe Darling, Jacob Franzen, Rhett Lindholm, Brett Mann, Tyson Schwanz, Jacob Boehle, Eric Cole, Marcus Fritton, Aaron Kreuscher, Matt Moon, Caleb Rice, Blake Ristine, Brennan Spencer, Gage Taylor, Cody Cooper, Archer Jensen, Alex Jorgenson, Carson Messersmith, Ross Ostendorf, Chad Schmiett.


Jacob Franzen, “There Is A Balm In Gilead”; Jon Rehmert, “Witness”; Cody Cooper, “Lonely Room.”

Earning superiors were:

Small groups

Freshman mixed double octet, “You Raise Me Up”—Lauren Andres, Courtney Melvin, Blayr McMichael, Sydney Gruber, Haley Juarez, Bailey Morton, Emily Keiser, Maddy Good, Drake Langley, Roman Schmidt, Hayden Hubbard, Tyson Schwanz, Marcus Fritton, Caleb Rice, Alex Jorgenson, Chad Schmiett.

Sophomore mixed sextet, “Imagine”—Haley Cline, Shelby Loostrom, Alayna Collins, Kerry Wellmann, Jacob Franzen, Archer Jensen.

Junior/senior mixed double sextet, “To Make You Feel My Love”—Danielle Schriver, Shay Wear, Amanda Larson, Bailey Gibbens, Brittyn Munster, Kayla Trevino, Jon Rehmert, Brett Mann, Rhett Lindholm, Cody Cooper, Ross Ostendorf, Blake Ristine.

Junior girls triple sextet, “Lass From The Low Country”—Betsy Potter, Shaylee Scott, Brooke Morton, Abbie Mazour, Rachel Rice, Kaleigh Holly, Abbigail Cary, Carlin Daharsh, Regan Geiken, Jessica Habe, Taylor Mroczek, Kayla Trevino, Kyndal Holmes, Rebecca Anderson, Shelby Mannel, Aryn Meisinger, Bailey Rickertsen, Cassandra Holsinger.

Senior triple trio, “If You Ring One Bell” (also chosen as an outstanding performance, honorable mention)—Amanda Larson, Shay Wear, Danielle Schriver, Tylyn Haynes, Bailey Gibbens, Madison Costello, Brittyn Munster, Jacey Wiggins, Siera Schwanz.

Duets, “Something Told The Wild Geese” (also chosen as an outstanding performance, honorable mention)—Shay Wear and Danielle Schriver; “For The Beauty Of The Earth,” Rachel Rice and Caleb Rice.

Solos—“The Moon,” Betsy Potter; “Come Sail Away With Me,” Drake Langely; “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child,” Bailey Gibbens; “May You Always Have A Song,” Kayla Trevino; “The Water Is Wide,” Alayna Collins; “Shooting Star,” Rebecca Stevens; “The Land of Our Dreams,” Abbie Mazour; “The Vagabond,” Rhett Lindholm.