Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Trustees vote twice on liquor license renewal

It took two tries to get enough votes from village board members to recommend renewal of the liquor license for the Brady Get-N-Go.

The village board is required to make a recommendation annually for liquor license renewals.

The recommendation is then forwarded to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission, which has final say on the license.

The four trustees present at the Brady village board meeting on March 13 split two for and two against the proposal.

Trustee Todd Roe and chairman Steve Hild voted in favor of the renewal while Lynn Herrick and Jim Booth voted against.

Because of the tie, the motion failed.

After the remaining items on the monthly agenda were complete, fifth trustee Jeff Miller showed up at the meeting and the liquor license was put to another vote.

The second time, Herrick and Booth stuck with their votes against while Roe, Hild and Miller voted in favor.

Village clerk Pam Diehl said afterward that the board had never encountered such a situation before.

Village attorney Steve Vinton was not present at the meeting but said later that because the issue was brought up a second time prior to the meeting being adjourned, the second vote was acceptable.

In other business, trustees learned that 56 feet of sewer line and two joints on East River Street have been replaced and are now working properly.

At the same time, though, water issues continue to plague the village.

Utility superintendent Troy Chestnutt told trustees one of the village’s wells is losing efficiency because it is pumping more sand than allowed.

He said it will cost approximately $2,500 to have it pulled and scoped and possibly $10,000 or more to repair or replace.

The board authorized Chestnutt to have it evaluated.

In other business, the board:

postponed discussion of a grapple for the new pay loader until a full board is present.

authorized Chestnutt to order $3,000 in gravel to be spread on village streets with the focus specifically on Popleton Street. Others streets will receive gravel if there is enough.

rejected a bid from Jorgenson Lawn Service of Hershey to fertilize Palmer Park. The work will be done instead by Chestnutt and his assistant, George Finnell.