Friday, June 22, 2018
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Students present rip-roarin’ western tale

In a time when men were men and women were rarely around, Widow Cracker learns that the mortgage on her farm is coming due and Evil Richard Coldheart, the banker, has fixed the contract to state that if her loan isn’t paid on time, he gets to marry her daughter.

“How the West Was Dun” is an all-school play to be presented by Brady students at 7 p.m. Friday night at the school.

Director Jennifer Most said she chose the play at the request of senior Molly Hannon, who plays Calamity Jane—spelled J-A-N with a silent E.

“She came to me and asked specifically for a western,” Most said. “It’s fun to be over-the-top with characters like evil gun slingers and a hero sheriff and an evil banker.”

Besides, she said, almost everyone has wanted to be a cowboy at some point in their life and western props and costumes were relatively easy to come by.

The play takes place in the town of Low Humidity Chasm—did you expect Dry Gulch?—with a beautiful heroine, a dashing hero, villainous villains and a know-it-all narrator.

While the evil banker has his eye on the widow’s daughter, Polly Wanda Cracker, the daughter is in love with the sheriff, Wayne John.

While the fate of Polly is at its crisis, Snydley Dastardley rounds up a raucous group of villains to protest the outrage of the villains losing every battle.

Snydley has his hands full with Black Bart and Blacker Bart, the Schizophrenic Kid, Calamity Jane and others.

The cast ranges from seniors to fifth-graders and scheduling practices has been one of the biggest challenges for Most and assistant director Valerie Pohlman.

“It’s always hard to fit in practice time around all of the other activities,” Most said. “Somehow, we always manage to put on a good show.”