Monday, June 18, 2018
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Wild Horse gains another top ranking

Golf course to open soon

It’s March and the on-again, off-again weather has got golf enthusiasts itching to get swinging.

Wild Horse Golf Club usually opens the first of March but Nebraska’s temperamental weather has forced a delay in getting the course ready, said local golf pro Don Graham.

“As soon as we can get rid of all the snow we’ll be able to cut cups and put some flags in the ground,” Graham said. “Mother Nature hasn’t cooperated with us and this week isn’t looking real promising either.”

Still, Graham and other golf course employees have fielded plenty of calls despite the delayed opening.

That could be due in part, Graham said, to yet another top ranking among the world’s courses.

A website run by golf enthusiasts called publishes course rankings done by golfers around the world.

Listed on the website at the end of last month, one golfer who goes by the name “Another Caucasian, Gary” put Wild Horse Golf Club at the No. 1 position for best affordable golf course.

“Basically it’s an opinion that Wild Horse offers the best bang for your buck among public and semi-private courses,” Graham said.

This ranking on GolfClub puts into a formula the world ranking for the quality of golf at the course with its weekend green fees to determine the best golf that’s most affordable.

“Some would rather pay $50 to play a No. 6 course than $150 to play an 8 or vise versa,” the rater said. “For others, the green fee is immaterial in their hunt to notch the top 100.  One thing’s for sure, golf at the high end generally isn’t cheap. The striking thing about this list is you’re often paying a huge premium to play the No. 50 course in the world, when the course at 150 is a fraction of the price but still offers really good golf.”

Wild Horse’s top rating by this golfer comes from being 124th on the website’s overall list and costing only $63 in green fees with a cart on the weekend.

Second on the list is Barnbougle Dunes in Australia, followed by Black Mesa Golf Club in Espanola, NM, at third, Rustic Canyon Golf Course at Moorpark, CA, in fourth and Carne Golf Links in western Ireland at fifth.

“It’s not necessarily saying it’s affordable,” Graham said. “It’s a ranking of what you get for your money.”

Another ranking for Wild Horse offers the golf course another option for promotion, Graham said.

“People have come to realize for what they’re paying, there’s nothing better than golfing here,” he said.