Sunday, June 17, 2018
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What is your biggest Pet Peeve?

 Let’s face it. We all get annoyed.

Sometimes more than we want to be.


Like that little old lady in the Buick who is going too slow and you think tailgating her car will magically speed her up. (You’ll be that little old lady or man someday.)


Or your daughter and husband’s allergy to the piece of cardboard that holds toilet paper. When a new roll is needed....well I don’t know what they use.

Our pet peeves can drive us crazy if we let them.

Shedding light on some of those annoyances might help to diffuse the energy surrounding what we really can’t change.

Here are some peeves that local residents shared:


“Girls who wear strapless dresses and have to pull them up constantly.”-—Diane Wahlgren

“Whenever people mix up Star Wars and Star Trek and call them the same thing. They’re more like polar opposites.”—Jon Rehmert

“If the toilet paper doesn’t come over the top of roll.”

—-Becky Costello

“When someone is sick for three weeks and comes into the emergency room because he or she got worse. There are plenty of opportunities to see a doctor several times before that.”—Jay Matzke, doctor

“Liars. Because who can you trust if everyone lies to your face.”—Brittany Melvin

“Accountability. Trying to make excuses when you should own up and say you’re sorry.”—Jami Brundage

“When people crack their knuckles in public places.”—Jo Atkinson

“People that don’t appreciate the little things in life.”—Randy Evans

“People who poke me in the chest.”—Jerry Wiggins

“Folding laundry, washing dishes and people who are constantly negative.”—Jared Slagle

“People who don’t clean up after themselves.”—Ernie Blecha

“When people make a spelling mistake because I think I have to correct it.”—Joslyn Kennicutt, seventh grader

“When people assume that I’m retarded as well as having cerebral palsy. They look at the body instead of my mind.”—Gary Everitt

“People who are late. I feel it’s inconsiderate to impose on others to wait for you.”—Kathy France

“When someone parks their vehicle too close to mine. It wouldn’t matter if I drove a Cadillac, a 1970 Ford Maverick(which was my first car) or a bus (which I call my Suburban). It’s super annoying!”—Stacy Healey

“When people burp without saying excuse me. Ugh, that bothers me.”—Morgan Kowalewski

“People who are always negative.”-—K.C. Lathrop

“People who have no clue nor do they care that you are having to wait on them.”—Mark Peyton

“News releases we receive that put the name of the boss/politician/agency head/etc. at the start of the first sentence rather than beginning with the purpose of the news release.”—Greg Viergutz

“When you are in a social setting and people can’t stop texting/checking their phone.”—Amber Burge

“Not starting meetings or events on time because someone is late.”—Joyce Hudson

“When guys won’t hold a door open for a woman. Drives me nuts!”—Mark Brand

“On the interstate, when you go to pass a truck and there is another truck going just about the same speed and it pulls out in front of you and then takes forever to go on by the first truck.”—Steve Middleton

“People who don’t put their kids in car seats.”—April Winkler

“When I go to say something and someone ‘butts’ in on me.”—Bill Moroney

“People who say ‘warsh.’ It’s ‘wash.’ There is no ‘r’ in it.”— Tara Lammers

“Things on the floor.”—Dee Miller

“Parents who ref games from the stands.” —Jacob Fritton

“People who chew gum with their mouth open,”—Emily Sanders

“People who hang out in the left lane on the interstate.”—Emily Sanders

“Smart Phones in social settings.”—Mike Teahon

“Lazy people.”—Deb Kreis

“People who chew food like a cow chewing it’s cud.”—Kathi Pishna

“People who do not signal their turns until they are into them.”—Dan Tinlin

“People who drive while talking on their cell phones or talk on their cell phones while going through the checkout line in stores.”—Judy Williams

“Losing trees on the street on the way to the tree dump.”—Bryan Brede

“The sidewalks downtown. They are very dangerous.”—Blaine Peterson

“Not looking to see if coffee is being made before pulling the coffee pot out.”—Deb Meredith, owner of Daylight Donut