Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Area News Digest

Takent from the news columns of area newspapers.

$150,000 twist slide okayed for Cozad pool

COZAD—A custom-designed water slide has been purchased for installation at the Cozad Swimming Pool. Administrators accepted the $150,000 acquisition during a recent meeting. The slide will be paid from funds available in the Cozad Municipal account and no additional dollars will be required to pay for the new slide. Tower height will extend 24’6” and will have a twisting-type appearance. The unit is designed to accommodate swimmers of all ages and will be installed for use when the pool opens next spring.—reported in the Tri-City Trib.

Barn enjoys banner year with more visitors

BROKEN BOW—The Custer County Tourism Council recently completed its 2012 final report for The Red Barn travel center, technically the Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway Interpretive Center, with encouraging numbers. Visitors and travelers during the 183 days the barn was open totaled 4,189, up almost 10 percent from the previous year, and reported all 50 states were represented in the guest book. The banner year for the barn was mostly due to recent improvements and additions as well as a large contingency of local volunteers.—reported in the Custer County Chief.

Family tradition helps light up the community

OGALLALA—The Bush family continues the tradition of wrapping their homes in Christmas lights and adding holiday decorations to the outsides of their homes far beyond a front door wreath, helping to light up the community of Ogallala. Gary Bush, Sr., whose home is located at 621 E. Third St., as well as his children with their own homes, have gone all out on decorations this year. The decorating between family members has been a tradition and a friendly competition, which the community benefits from each Christmas season.—reported in the Keith County News.

Rules, penalties set for 2013 irrigating season

CURTIS—At a recent board meeting, the Middle Republican NRD directors proposed rule changes and penalties for 2013, which addresses a record dry year and an almost certain compact call year. The board is proposing that 18% of 60-inch or 10.8 inch allocation be allowed. For those with carryover, 18% of that may be added to the allocation for a total of 13.96 inches for 2013 only. At the same time, directors are providing rewards for those irrigators that saved water during the outgoing five year period.—reported in the Frontier County Enterprise.

Discussion continues on cell phone use policy

ARNOLD—Arnold School Board officials revisited the issue of implementing a new cell phone use policy for students recently. A committee was appointed who met with teachers to get input, and while some reported a need to have students contact people outside of the building or off campus sites for school projects, some sited instructional purposes, and others wanted the phones gone. An initial draft of a new policy, inspired by students, had been rejected as a whole, and a revision would most likely be made. Among discussions were for each teacher to enforce their own rules and for students to take a crash course in cell phone etiquette.—reported in the Arnold Sentinel.

Early CHS graduation granted to two students

CALLAWAY—A 5-0 recent vote by members of the Callaway Board of Education granted two fifth-year seniors their signed diplomas at the end of this semester ending Dec. 21. The downside to early graduation at Callaway is that it precludes the graduate from participating in the various senior activities associated with the second semester. One student had enlisted in the military and will head off to basic training as soon as he has diploma in hand, while the other is looking at college. Both have completed the necessary credits to graduate.—reported in the Callaway Courier.