Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Community playhouse raising money for new theatre seats

Little by little, members of Gothenburg’s Community Playhouse are transforming a century-old theatre into a modern-day entertainment hub.

During 2011-12, about $130,000 was raised to buy and install a projector, sound/lighting booth and sound system, a wheelchair accessible area and new curtains to enhance sound.


Theatre co-manager Matt Weiss said they hope to install a new drop-down screen soon.


Beginning with an event hosted by Stone Hearth Estates Friday, Dec. 7, and Saturday, Dec. 8, playhouse members hope to raise about $50,000 to replace aging theatre seats, carpet and refinish the old wooden floor.

The event, “The Enchanted Forest at Christmas” will feature 20 designer trees and replace the Tour of Homes fund raiser the playhouse has done for years.

“It’s nice to do something different and change is good,” Weiss said.

Weiss said the theatre seats were upholstered 30 years ago and are probably 50-60 years old.

Instead of lights on the aisle seats, strips of LED runway lights will be installed on the edge of aisle carpet, Weiss said.

The new seats playhouse members are considering have moveable arms and cup holders and are more cushioned, he said.

“They’re alot more comfortable and come in any color,” Weiss said.

Playhouse members plan to obtain bids to repair and sand the floor, which contains three types of wood.

After the seat, floor and carpet projects are completed, Weiss said they’d like a sound system to enhance live performances.

Asked why members are working so hard to upgrade the theatre, Weiss replied:

“We’re doing our best to make it the most comfortable and offer the highest quality we can at affordable prices,” Weiss said. “We try and keep our movie and concession prices low.”

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