Monday, June 18, 2018
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County moves toward vacating two minimum maintenance roads

LEXINGTON—A pair of minimum maintenance county roads that serve little purpose other than landowner access to property will likely be vacated by Dawson County in coming weeks.

Two requests came before county commissioners during their regular bimonthly meeting on Thursday.

One, Drive 431 north of Buffalo Road in the northeast corner of the county, is scheduled for a public hearing on Dec. 18.

County highway superintendent Jon Mooberry told commissioners the road serves no purpose for the county and he suggested vacating it, reverting ownership to the two adjacent landowners.

The other, which has no recognizable 911 address, is a portion of Drive 446 near Road 752 in the southeast corner of the county.

Scott Philpot, who owns the adjacent land, presented a petition to vacate the road to commissioners, explaining that he needs the road to get onto his property but would like it officially vacated to facilitate installation of a center pivot there.

Commissioners instructed Mooberry to inspect the road and make a recommendation.

His findings are scheduled to be on the agenda for the Nov. 30 meeting.

In other business, county board members:

heard the monthly crime report for October from sheriff Gary Reiber. He said total services were up slightly from the previous month to 992 with 1,365 calls to dispatch. There were 208 jail bookings in October with an average daily inmate population of 136.7.

discussed a proposal for the courthouse and sheriff dispatch center to convert to fiber optic Internet access but more information is necessary before a decision can be made. The board will consider the possibility again at the next meeting.

authorized signatures on a quit claim deed for Joseph and Shana Zerr of Overton to officially acquire county land the Zerrs purchased for $1 last month.

took no action on a letter requesting explanation of rejection of an $1,800 claim filed by Ron Klein concerning a fence on land he owns near Gothenburg. Klein is at odds with the county over 900 feet of fence he says was destroyed by county employees while they were clearing a county drainage ditch of debris. The county maintains the fence was encroaching the county right-of-way but has agreed to rebuild the fence at the same value it was when it was removed. Klein has refused that settlement, requesting a new fence.

visited with Jessica Hendricks, community liaison for Rep. Adrian Smith about upcoming legislation, including the farm bill and changes in estate taxes.