Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Students declare ‘no more bullying’

Most students will tell you that bullying is a problem, not only at Gothenburg Public Schools, but everywhere.

One class, at GHS, hopes to try and prevent students from repeatedly hurting others who feel helpless to respond, according to one definition of bullying.

Because bullying is often hidden from adults and continues if no action is taken, students in Bailey Koch’s entrepreneur class want to make students aware of what it is and that they can try and stop it.

Last Friday, the class hung out in a hallway and asked other students to sign a poster pledging that they will try to stop bullying if they see it occurring.

If they signed, they received an anti-bullying bracelet.

Jessica Boehle, a sophomore, signed the pledge but didn’t know if it would stop bullying.

Senior Cody Cooper said he signed because he used to get bullied.

“I feel it’s important to take a stand,” Cooper said. “If it happens, it gets worse as you get older, from verbal to more emotional or physical abuse.

“Petty name calling progresses into something else.”

Bullying is often more prominent in school systems, he said, and it affects and ends lives in some cases.

If Cooper sees the behavior, he said he tells the bullier to knock it off.

“It’s not cool,” he said.

Class member Megan Allard, who was handing out bracelets with fellow junior Kaleigh Holley, said people wearing the anti-bullying bracelets will be reminded of their pledge “to stop bullying if they see it.”

By making it school-wide, Holley said it will have a bigger impact.

“And we have a better chance of stopping it,” she said.

Koch said students came up with the idea for the anti-bully campaign when there were left over funds from the Swede Store that the class operates.

“They wanted to put it to good use for the student body,” she said.

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