Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Lake Helen project receives $50,000

CPNRD offers restoration funding

Gothenburg city administrator Bruce Clymer got one wish granted last Thursday with the possibility of another next year.

On behalf of the city, Clymer requested funding for the rehabilitation of Lake Helen from the Central Platte Natural Resources District.

At a meeting last week, directors decided to give $50,000 toward the estimated $1.5 million project in 2013 with a chance that another $50,000 might be awarded during fiscal 2014.

“It is nice to see that the CPNRD has an interest in investing in community projects.” Clymer said Monday. “The money will certainly help with the project and is much appreciated.”

Although he didn’t know specifically how the grant money would be used, Clymer said it will help off set some of the city’s cost.

He noted that restrictions apply and it will most likely be used in certain areas such as placement of rip-rap along the shoreline.

When Clymer presented the request to the CPNRD’s western projects committee last August, he said a subcommittee was fully in favor of the project.

At this point, he said there are no other commitments to restoration funding.

However the city is applying for the following amounts from other entities officials hope will help with the project.

So far, the city’s pledge is $324,731.

Other funding sources and the amounts requested to help with renovation include:

Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality—$416,431

Nebraska Game & Parks Commission—$460,831

Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund—$308,331

Already, NDEQ has given $67,750 and NGPC $70,000 in grants to help plan the project. Those aren’t part of the renovation grants.

The project involves excavation and removal of part of the lake, grading, new rip rap, geese elimination, a boat ramp and stocking of fish.

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