Monday, June 18, 2018
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Kids in costume parade Friday

Storybook characters, animals and more decorated Ehmen Park Friday evening during the annual kids parade sponsored by Runza restaurant.

Hilltop Estates Care Center served a free hot dog supper after the parade.

Winners were:

Decorated bikes—1. Konner Sydow, 2. Austianna Parrish, 3. Helene Keiser and Madison and Bailey Bryant (tie)

Storybook characters—1.Kehl Jones, 2. Madeline Jorgenson, 3. Ruby Scoutbell

Patriotic and historical—1. Trinton and Gavin Peterson

Western figures—1. Liberty Pierce and Serenity Schram, 2. Parker Graves, 3. Mercedes Garner

Cartoon characters—1. Sam Aden and Jack Aden, 2. Alivia Stoddard, Chloe Stoddard, Izayah Prachert, Marson Larson, Hayley Stevens, 3. Logan Feather and Landon Feather

Sports—1. Trina Pearsen and Sierra Herfel, 2. Miles Streeter, 3. Harlie Schram

TV and movie—1. Burke and Blake Finke, 2. Jakoby Loibl, 3. Ava Foster and Kinley Foster

When I grow up—1. Zane Franzen, 2. Valon Pfeifer, 3. Bryson Pfeifer