Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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School board adopts budget for 2012-13

The tax levy will drop but taxpayers in the Brady school district will still pay more in property taxes to cover a 6.3% increase in the budget for the 2012-13 school year.

A 3.6% hike in valuation means district patrons won’t see any relief despite a lower levy.

School board members approved the general fund budget of $1.9 million following a public hearing at Monday night’s regular monthly meeting, along with $282,828 for the bond fund and $54,545 for the qualified capital purpose undertaking fund.

The action sets the total property tax levy at $1.2252, or approximately $1.23 cents on every $100 of property value.

In other business, the board discussed purchasing iPad tablet computers for school board members to use with eMeetings software to keep board business virtually paperless.

Some older model laptops haven’t worked properly for board members and superintendent Bill Porter suggested replacing them with iPads.

Using the eMeetings software costs the district more than $500 per year and board member Matt Hatch said he thought the purpose of using the eMeetings was to save the district money.

“Is there any other option?” Hatch asked, suggesting maybe computers could be swapped within the district to prevent another computer purchase.

Porter agreed to find out if any teachers, who have both laptops and iPads, are not using both.

In other action, the school board:

discussed the district’s ACT score, which is below the state average. The district’s composite average for 13 students taking the college readiness test was 20.2. The state average ACT score last year was 22.

approved paying $42,398 to ALICAP for liability insurance, including worker’s compensation. The premium is a 29% increase, or $9,165, more than the payment for the previous year due, in part, to three worker compensation claims last year.

agreed to transfer administration of the district’s 403(b) retirement plan from Horace Mann to Admin Partners with no cost to the district.

authorized Porter to sign all local, state, and Federal forms and to represent the school board in district matters.

adopted on second reading the board policy setting the teacher evaluation instrument.

voted to approve a teaching contract and addendum for Melissa Mann to include added instructional hours.

heard from principal Bruce Hird that he plans to pursue additional programs in math, science and spelling for high ability learners including the possibility of Future Problem Solvers, Science Olympiads, Quiz Bowl and others.