Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Area News Digest

Taken from the news columns of area newspapers.

History is alive with Journey Stories exhibit

COZAD—“All aboard” echoed through the City of Cozad recently as the opening of the Smithsonian’s Museum on Main Street: Journey Stories, was unveiled at the 100th Meridian Museum. Historic American travels was the main influence of the exhibit, which fit in nicely with the Golden Spike Ceremony that was conducted at high noon on Aug. 31. Soon thereafter, the Union Pacific’s Challenger 844 passenger train stopped in Cozad on its way to the State Fair in Grand Island. On a smaller scale, Lindell Whitney presented a Lionel model train program at the museum.—reported in the Tri-City Trib.

Newly completed Sargent dam dedicated

BROKEN BOW—Many people including a large host of farmers and land owners who benefit from the Middle Loup River recently gathered for a dedication of the new Sargent Diversion Dam. The dam has been more than two years in the works and replaced the one which was destroyed by a flood that occurred June 13, 2012. It will divert water into a canal to provide water to some 5,000 acres downstream. The new structure is located on the south half of the Middle Loup River one mile south of Sargent.—reported in the Custer County Chief.

OHS students move forward with iPads

OGALLALA—On Aug. 24, days after the new school year started at Ogallala High School, officials handed out iPads to the school’s approximate 280 students. Each class was briefed on the iPad before receiving one, a tablet-style computer made by Apple that accommodates all types of media and applications. Although the district had operated a one-to-one laptop program since 2009, in May, the Ogallala Public Schools Board of Education approved the implementation of a one-to-one iPad program, costing $228,997. According to school officials, iPads were proving to be a great instructional tool for students and teachers, and with less moving parts, are two-thirds the cost of laptops.—reported in the Keith County News.

USDA mural added to NCTA collection

CURTIS—The Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) has a new mural added to its collection at its new Nebraska Agriculture Industry Education Center. The USDA mural depicts the various projects that can be accomplished through the programs and funding offered through the USDA Mission Areas. The mural helps to get the word out to NCTA students and visitors to the campus of all the college can offer, according to Maxine Moul, rural development state director.—reported in the Frontier County Enterprise.

Private wind generator helps power farm

ARNOLD—Rural Logan County residents, Craig and Linda Halstead, are taking advantage of the area’s plentiful resource of wind with the installation of a wind generator to help power their farm. It is the first private generator in the area. The wind generator was installed to supplement the farm’s electrical usage with the ES 54 generator that has an impressive wing span of 54 feet and stands on an 80-foot tower. The generator starts when there is an average of 10-12 mph sustained wind and shuts itself down at eight mph wind or less, or with too much wind at 40-plus mph. Custer County Power District plans to buy any excess electricity that is generated at various rates throughout the year.—reported in the Arnold Sentinel.

Kite fliers attend Labor Day event despite heat

CALLAWAY—An estimated 1,100 kite fliers and spectators showed up for the 22nd Callaway Kite Flight over Labor Day weekend, despite the heat. Around 500 attended the show Saturday when the wind was at its best, and 600 were there Sunday though the wind dropped off in the afternoon. Temperatures rose into the mid 90s both days. The event featured a display by Don Murphy and Aaron King, both of Omaha, who stacked four 55-foot Premier-made fish kites and a 25-foot guppy at the top to an 85-foot power lifter kite in what could well be the largest such collection the United States gathered in one place. Though each kite could fly on their own, they were strung together in parallel with an impressive showing.—reported in the Callaway Courier.

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