Friday, June 22, 2018
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Health board to revisit nuisance property

A large hole in the front yard of a unoccupied residence at 206 E. Popleton seemed unsafe enough that Brady’s health board recommended legal action.

The three-member health board—Todd Roe, Jack Mann and Cheryl Hyland—visited the property June 28 and suggested the village trustees pursue legal action, in accordance with the village’s nuisance ordinance.

Roe, the trustee member of the health board, told trustees that he would not allow his children to walk across that property because it is not safe.

The health board took up the issue after neighbor Jerry Reiwee filed a complaint with the village.

“To the best of our knowledge, it looked unsafe,” Roe said.

He explained that if trustees agreed, the owners have five days to comply with clean-up requirements or face legal action.

Property owners Kent and Marian Peterson disputed the claims.

Kent said the area originally had a wooden casing around a well but admitted it no longer serves a purpose.

He said he has had the car hood removed and the hole covered with lumber and plastic, along with pumpkins planted around it.

“It sounds like we need to go back again then,” Roe said.

Trustees asked members of the health board to visit the property again before the health board’s scheduled September meeting.

The village health board is comprised of a trustee, a certified nurse and a resident. Its duty is to ensure the health and welfare of village residents in regard to property conditions.