Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Wrong on multiple counts

Wally Rose’s (02-01-12) letter about voter fraud asked questions, made an assumption and gave a solution. All of which I believe are wrong.

Mr. Rose is concerned about the proposal of “...a state senator from Fremont?” (who isn’t even called by name?) to push legislation requiring Nebraskans to show ID before being allowed to vote. Mr. Rose believes that the goal of Sen. Charlie Janssen and his proponents is to disenfranchise thousands of voters (people too lazy to get an ID and go through the agony of carrying it to the polling place) simply because they disagree with his/their philosophy.

Really? Just the fact that Janssen comes from a city that attempted legislation which would allow them to seek out illegal aliens in their community, seems enough for me to discern that prevention of voting by illegals is the main if not the only motive.

Mr. Rose’s fair and just solution is to deny Janssen and his proponents the right to vote. How does that make Mr. Rose different from his depiction of Senator Janssen? It seems to me that more voter turnout (not less) might someday help our state to actually make a difference in elections. Nebraska is one of only 20 states with no voter ID law. I don’t see the problem in adopting one, even if fraud isn’t common in Nebraska.

Mr. Rose cited voter fraud by “ of our major political parties...” during the presidential elections in Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004. I assume he means Republicans, as the party also goes un-named. Other than the convictions of two Ohio workers for improper interpretation of procedures, not fraud, every other story I have looked at seems to be more conspiracy theory than anything else.

Mr. Rose accused the same (un-named) party of making claims of moral superiority. I think Republicans claiming moral superiority are far less prevalent than Democrats claiming that Republicans claim moral superiority (if it is Republicans Mr. Rose is referring to). Just the fact that Republicans police their own, by default makes them look better than socialists (by not being morally bankrupt).

Mr. Rose’s letter began “Voter fraud—by whom?” That was my thought while I was reading it. I felt like I was playing the murder/mystery board game “Clue.” My guess is it was Colonel Mustard in the library with the lead pipe.