Monday, June 18, 2018
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Voter fraud claim is political

Voter fraud—by whom? Is it by a few misguided souls who somehow think that they can scam the election game through the use of false ID, or, are they really the proposers and proponents of legislative action who should know (and probably do know) that the goal of their action is to disenfranchise thousands of voters who may not agree with the economic or political goals of such legislative proponents, i.e., a state senator from Fremont? Perhaps justice would be more fairly served if such proposers and their proponents were denied the “right” to vote.

Many readers may recall two of the greatest examples of voter fraud in recent American history, namely, Florida in 2000 A.D. and Ohio in 2004 A.D., both of which were orchestrated by—not a few misguided individuals—but one of our major political parties, the party that claims to have a corner on American values that.elevates it to some level of moral superiority. Hah!