Friday, June 22, 2018
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Faulty water valves mean some torn-up downtown streets

Aging water lines are why motorists and others may have noticed traffic cones and barricades positioned around holes in the street.

Recently, city crews shut off a downtown section to repair a leak.

Although city crews check water shut-off valves on lines every year or two, city administrator Bruce Clymer said this time, some weren’t working properly.

“We exercise them to make sure they work and some didn’t shut off or leaked,” Clymer explained.

He said city crews plan to replace three to four valves in the downtown area in the next month or two which means water may be shut down for customers at different times.

“We plan on trying to make sure everyone will be notified of the approximate times people will be off as we go through the process in the replacement of these valves,” Clymer said.

By improving the water system with new valves, Clymer said officials hope to sectionalize different areas of town so large areas are not affected when problems arise.

City water lines are about 80 years old, he said.