Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Local lottery winner ‘overwhelmed’

Russman buys $162,000 Pick 5 ticket at Time-Saver.

No lavish parties or the purchase of big-ticket items for Kim Russman.

The 35-year-old Gothenburg mother of two elementary-aged boys plans to pay off debt with the $113,400 check (after taxes) she picked up yesterday at the Nebraska Lottery office in Lincoln.


Russman won $162,000 in a Nebraska Pick 5 game. Her husband, Casey Russman, bought the prize-winning ticket for her last Friday night from Time-Saver in Gothenburg.


“I randomly play the lottery,” she said during a telephone interview Tuesday shortly after she claimed her prize. “But the one I play the most is Pick 5 because it’s a Nebraska-based one and I think the odds are better.”

Pick 5 was on her mind last Friday when the couple drove to Time-Saver and Casey went inside to buy some items.

Russman said she saw in the window that the amount was around $161,000 and texted her husband to buy three Pick 5 tickets at one dollar apiece.

“He rolled his eyes while he was reading the text,” she said with a laugh.

Monday, about 12:30 p.m., Russman drove to the Pump and Pantry in Cozad to check the numbers on her lottery tickets.

The laboratory technician at Cozad Community Hospital said the Cozad convenience store is where she usually buys lottery tickets.

“The clerk ran them through the scanner and told me I had to go to Lincoln to claim my prize,” she said.

Lottery participants who win more than $20,000 are required to travel to the Nebraska Lottery office to pick up their winnings.

When Russman asked the amount she’d won, she said the clerk asked Russman if she wanted her to say the figure out loud.

“I did,” Russman said. “When she did, I think I said ‘No way’ and then I started shaking.

“I was overwhelmed.”

She called Casey right away who didn’t believe her until she started crying.

Russman returned to work at the hospital that day and didn’t plan to tell

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