Monday, June 18, 2018
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Gothenburg ‘blessed’ to keep theatre open

Weiss takes job as co-manager for Sun Theatre, Playhouse.

Gothenburg has the only operating cinema in Dawson County.

On top of showing weekly movies, the Sun Theatre doubles as the Community Playhouse and offer occasional live shows and stage productions.

“Gothenburg is very blessed to still have the theatre here,” said Matt Weiss, who took over as co-manager of the theatre with Jill Rubenthaler when Keri Dudley left the position in August. “But it’s both a blessing and a challenge.”


Because the Sun Theatre shows movies only three days a week, Gothenburg falls to the bottom of the list for new releases.


“We have to wait for movies to become available,” Weiss said.

And because the projector is the original 1928 35mm platter system rather than digital, Weiss said movies take longer and are limited in availability.

“Plus, we want to offer a variety,” said Weiss, who is also a private investigator and judicial services officer who likes to buy, remodel and sell properties in his limited spare time. “Right now we’d like to get a good kids’ movie but we’re having to wait.”

Weiss has been on the board of directors for the playhouse for six years as well as being a weekend volunteer for a long time and cast member in many productions.

He said he thought that background would make working as the co-manager easy but his eyes have been opened.

“As a manager, you have to think about the theatre every day,” he said, “not just when you’re volunteering or when you’re at a board meeting.”

The managers and the board of directors are working on a priority list with some big projects in mind.

A digital projector, for example, would be an incredible update, he said, but the cost of

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