Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Dayton Phoenix gets UP contract

Hiring to begin.

More trucks will be backing up to loading entrances at the Dayton Phoenix Group facility.

Company officials learned recently that the Gothenburg plant landed a contract with Union Pacific Railroad to remanufacture rotating equipment.

“We’re where we want to be and we’re going to make it happen,” said manager Carl Skiles. “We look forward to being part of this community.”

Skiles said they plan to ramp up employment as quickly as possible but still insure quality, productivity and safety.

“We don’t know what the final employment numbers are at this point but there will be waves of hiring to get people trained,” he said, noting that they’ll use a staffing agency to hire workers.

Equipment that will be brought to the local facility includes such items as radiator cooling fans and dynamic braking grid fans.

“We’ll be remanufacturing it to new specifications so it will be like brand new when we’re finished,” he said.

Skiles said he expects the equipment needing remanufactured to start arriving in mid October from Union Pacific service centers west of the Mississippi River.

The Gothenburg facility in the industrial tract had been dormant since the spring of 2009 when it lost a contract with Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad.

Last February, Skiles relocated to Gothenburg. He and two other employees have been doing overflow repair on equipment from the Dayton, OH, plant where the company is headquartered.