Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Church group wants long-term use of PAC

District 20 school board to consider policy change at next meeting.

More requests from the community to use school facilities means revisiting policy for the District 20 board.

Three local church members from the Crossing Fellowship of Gothenburg attended the school board meeting Monday night to request long-time use of the performing arts center for Sunday church services.

Superintendent Mike Teahon said he has denied their application to use the PAC because of how the policy is written but suggested they approach the board since long-term use requires board approval.

Teahon said community access to school facilities has been limited to single-use events.

“The only group that meets here regularly would be the men’s basketball or women’s volleyball on Wednesday nights that is unofficially designated as open gym night,” he explained.

The policy states that the school is generally not available for community use when staff are not available to monitor the event such as on legal holidays, before 7 a.m. and after 10 p.m. and Sunday mornings prior to noon.

Teahon noted that the custodial staff is “stretched” in their duties now and would probably be needed on site in case a breaker blows or a toilet becomes plugged.

Church representative Eric Most said he had talked to a District 20 custodian who was willing to be on site during services.

The superintendent said he was also concerned about setting a precedent that might mean other groups requesting long-term use.

Church members asked that the request be put on the agenda for action at the Oct. 11 meeting.

Board members also learned that a local business has volunteered to provide equipment for the activities program if the company’s name and logo appear on the equipment.

School policy restricts use of advertising in that manner except if it has educational merit.

No action was taken as the agenda item was for discussion only.

During other action, the board changed the published budget of disbursements and transfers for the employee benefit fund in the 2010-11 budget.

The fund was increased from $108,644 to $240,000

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