Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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From the fashion runway to the museum

Jenny Raymond’s wearable art, quilts on display.

“You do beautiful work,” a visitor said as she viewed an exhibit of clothing and quilts at the Gothenburg Historical Museum last week. “Do you do all of this free hand?”

Jenny Raymond, the artist of the pieces, told the woman that almost everything she creates is done on her sewing machine.


“My motto is to see what I can make my machine do,” Raymond said.


Although Raymond’s wearable art, quilts and wall hangings have traveled the world, she’s never exhibited all of them in one place.

Until now.

Since Sept. 1, Raymond’s pieces have been displayed at the Gothenburg Historical Museum. She will be at the museum to discuss her work during Harvest Festival this Saturday, from 1-3 p.m.

“Nobody’s asked until now,” she said, noting that her friend Jane Sheets, who is on the museum board, urged Raymond to display her art in the museum.

Another reason for not exhibiting her work may have to do with Raymond’s choice of venue.

Much of her wearable art has been exhibited on models strolling down runways at the Fairfield and Bernina fashion shows in Houston, TX.

Raymond laughs when she recalls a letter from her mother after the artist created a coat called “Joseph’s Jubilation” for a Fairfield show based on her version of the biblical story of Joseph.

“She wanted to know where I was going to wear it,” Raymond said. “Just like an artist paints a picture, my paint is the fabric and sewing machine and my exhibit field is the runway.”

The mother of three and grandmother of seven can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to sew.

Growing up in Waco, TX, her fantasy was having her own sewing machine.

That dream came true in 1963 after she married Bob Raymond and received a Singer machine for Valentine’s Day.

After moving to Gothenburg, Raymond owned

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