Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Get-N-Go receives business award

Mann honored by Voc-Rehab program.

Jack Mann took a little idea, put in a large amount of work and pulled off a giant transformation.

Remodeling the Get-N-Go in Brady and reopening it after the building sat idle for a year was no small accomplishment.

Now Mann is being recognized for his work by the Nebraska Department of Education’s Vocational Rehabilitation program.


Mann travels to Lincoln on Wednesday (today) to be honored for his entrepreneurial success along with three other Nebraska businesses.


“I’m not much for awards,” Mann said last week, “but I supposed this is a good thing.”

Jack and his wife Pam purchased the Get-N-Go last fall. After gutting the interior and starting fresh, the store opened in October.

The Manns didn’t just wake up one day and decide to run a grocery, gas and convenience store.

“It took a lot of research,” Mann said.

Because Mann was making a complete change in careers, he was able to take advantage of services offered by Voc-Rehab.

The organization not only put Mann in contact with many helpful agencies but it also kicked in some starter funds to get the project rolling.

The Abilities Fund, a Nebraska self-employment service, helps entrepreneurs get started. Mann said he received assistance with research including doing feasibility studies and formulating a business plan.

“I don’t think I could have done it all without them,” Mann said, “not just the information but the contacts.”

The licensing process for the grocery store and gas station would have been a confusing maze without the proper direction, he said.

Now, not quite a year later, Mann continues to make improvements to the store.

A deli is open with fresh foods prepared daily and the auto shop will soon have a full-time maintenance person, bringing the number of full-time employees to four.

“And all those people have come from right here in town,” he said.

Voc-Rehab offers individualized programs to help people find employment consistent with their interests, strengths and talents.