Friday, May 25, 2018
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State agrees to limit transport length on Hwy. 47

The oversized wind turbine transports disrupting traffic recently in Gothenburg may be a thing of the past following action Monday by the Nebraska Department of Roads permit office.

Ron Kontos said that he is initiating a 125-foot length limit for trucks wanting to go through Gothenburg on Highway 47 after receiving concerns from city officials about recent traffic.

Numerous transports heading to North Dakota and carrying turbine pieces have been bottling up traffic over the last several weeks as they slowly make the turns from Avenue G onto 11th Street and then onto Lake Avenue.

City resources are needed as two police officers are necessary to stop traffic around those corners taking up to two hours in the process, according to police chief Randy Olson.

Olson said he requested that the state consider an alternate route using the east interchange at North Platte and then continuing north on Highway 283.

Kontos reviewed the original permits and decided to reduce the length restriction to 125 feet for trucks passing through Gothenburg. One of the recent permits for a transport truck was authorized for up to 178 feet in length.

Explaining the permit process, Kontos said transportation firms provide the state with information concerning their loads’ length, width, height and weight along with a requested route. The firm can be required to do a pre-run of the route to ensure that no problems would be encountered.

If the route falls within the local restrictions, the permit is approved.

With the new length restrictions, Gothenburg is going to see fewer transports making those turns.\\

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