Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Academic achievements acknowledged

Academic achievements were recognized Monday during the annual Gothenburg High School Honors Night.

Local, regional and college scholarship recipients were also announced.

Various department awards were made along with various other academic honors.

This year’s graduating class includes 56 seniors.

A total of 36 students received scholarships valued at over $600,000.




Art—National Art Honor Society members: Kendra Bihlmaier, Kristi Block, Amanda Bodfeild, Cassidy Dishman, Susan Dudley, Slater Earl, Elizabeth Graham, Vannessa Linegar,Adrienne Massie, Elizabeth Matthies, Breanne Messersmith, Maurita Olguin, Cassie Steele, Eric Stevens, Courtnee Walker; Southwest Conference Fine Arts Festival and Art Honor Show participants: Kendra Bilhmaier, Kristi Block, Amanda Bodfield, Susan Dudley, Elizabeth Graham, Vanessa Linegar, Adriene Massie, Elizabeth Matthies, Maurita Olguin, Cassie Steele, Eric Stevens, Courtnee Walker.

Band—SWC band participants: Ricci Whitney, Haydon McKenney, Kerry McPheeters, Cale Moore, Crystal Moore, Marcos Avalos, Seth Schriver.

Business/technology—Mark Hilderbrand, Chris Hyde

Chorus—SWC Choir: Leah Loostrom, Joanna Blecha, Sidney Thompson, Janae Wiggins, Sonie Kuhlman, Kelsey Houchin, Kayla Bihlmaier, Roni Putnam, Ashlee Bruntz, Elisa Meridith, Jessica Wolff, Coltin Bebensee, Joshua Clark, Levi Lira, Willis Middleton, Steven Sam, Zac Franzen, Jeramie VanAcker, Brennan Costello, Ryan Ostendorf, Josh Portiner, Chris Schriver, Chris Block; UNK Honor Choir: Joshua Clark, Zac Franzen, Elisa Meridith, Chris Schriver, Kelsey Houchin; UNK Festival Choir: Willis Middleton, Joanna Blecha, Sidney Thompson, Jeramie VanAcker; UNK Women’s Choir: Leah Loostrom, Sonie Kuhlman, Jessica Wolff; John Greene Scholarship Recipient: Zac Franzen.

English—Reading Achievement Award: Aaron Block; Excellence in Writing: Joanna Blecha

Family & Consumer Sciences—Jeremy Vollbrecht, Alisa Schnackenberg

History—Haydon McKenney, Tanner Schwanz, Scott Speck.

Journalism—Broadcast: Cassie Steele; Newspaper: Amanda McMichael; Yearbook: Susan Dudley

Math—Top Calculus students: Mark Hilderbrand (99.5%), junior Tanner Schwanz (99%), Steph Rubenthaler (97.25%, also top girl); Top Math Analysis students: Brennan Costello (98.75%), (tie) Jordan Matthies and Dane Wilson (both 98.5%); top Math Analysis seniors: Elizabeth Graham, Kolton Mann and Nolan Wilson (all 96%); top three Algebra students: Brittyn Munster, 96%, Tyler Block (95.25%), Carlie Stevens (94.75%); Advanced placement calculus test takers: Mark Hilderbrand, Chris Hyde, Michelle Jack, Vanessa Linegar, Patrick Reeves, Stephanie Rubenthaler, Tanner Schwanz, Jeron Seimer, Tyler Sheets, Scott Speck.

Physical education—Outstanding performers: Aaron Collins, Dane Wilson, Kyle Demoret, Doran Johnson.

Science—Outstanding General Science: Desirae Weustewald; Outstanding Physical Science: Cody Cooper; Outstanding Biology Student: Kerry McPheeters; Outstanding Chemistry Student: Tanner Schwanz; Outstanding Senior Science Student: Elizabeth Graham; Science Olympiad participation: Elizabeth Graham, Michelle Jack, Mark Hilderbrand, Cody Ostergard, Brennan Costello, Tre Ostergard, Tanner Schwanz, Ryan Ostendorf, and Cale Moore

Spanish—Spanish II: Jeramie VanAcker, Peyton Prall, Amanda Bodfield, Ryan Ostendorf, Janae Wiggins, Joshua Clark, Haydon McKenney; Spanish III: Ashlee Bruntz, Seth Eggleston, Dane Wilson; Spanish IV: Mark Hilderbrand, Kelsey Houchin, Kolton Mann, Jenna Erb, Zac Franzen, Landen Haake.

Industrial technology—Industrial Technology student of the year: Senior—Chris Hyde; Junior—Dillon McMichael; Sophomore—Paxton Gruber

Family and consumer science—Single Survival/Adult Living Top Students: ; Foods & Nutrition Top Students: ; Child Development Top Student: ; Relating Top Students:

Social studies—World Geography:

Speech, NFL Academic All America—Brennan Costello

Theatre—Outstanding Performer awards: Jeramie VanAcker, B-6 District; Christopher Block, Loup City, Gburg, SWC, B-6 District; Brennan Costello, Gothenburg, SWC; Alex Schultz, B-6 District; Zac Franzen, Loup City, Gothenburg, SWC, B-6 District; Liz Graham, Loup City, Gothenburg, SWC, B-6 District; All-State Academic Honors for Play Production: Brennan Costello, Kelsey Houchin; Best Actor and Best Actress, Loup City and Gothenburg: Zac Franzen, Liz Graham

National Honor Society Inductees—Senior: Ali Abramson, Kelsey Houchin, Patrick Reeves, Tyler Sheets; Juniors: Chris Block, Aaron Lauer, Janae Wiggins, Dane Wilson; Sophomores: Joshua Clark, Leah Loostrom, Peyton Maline; Other members—Seniors: Joanna Blecha, Aaron Block, Kristi Block, Elizabeth Graham, Landen Haake, Mark Hilderbrand, Vanesssa Linegar, Emily Max, Breanne Messersmith, Stephanie Rubenthaler, Nolan Wilson; Junior: Brennan Costello

Sigma Phi Beta Medallions—Ali Abramson, Joanna Blecha, Aaron Block, Kristi Block, Susan Dudley, Elizabeth Graham, Landen Haake, Mark Hilderbrand, Kelsey Houchin, Doran Johnson, Vanesssa Linegar, Kolton Mann, Emily Max, Breanne Messersmith, Patrick Reeves, Stephanie Rubenthaler, Tyler Sheets, Scott Speck, Eric Stevens, Nolan Wilson

American Citizenship Award—Ali Abramson, Aaron Block, Kristi Block, Zac Franzen, Elizabeth Graham, Landen Haake, Mark Hilderbrand, Jayde Keiser, Vanessa Linegar, Emily Max, Bre Messersmith, Tabitha Paul, Kira Peterson, Patrick Reeves, Stephanie Rubenthaler, Tyler Sheets, Joel Teahon, Nolan Wilson; Juniors: Christopher Block, Ashlee Bruntz, Brennan Costello, Kyle Demoret, Elisa Meridith, Luke Rehmert, Tanner Schwanz, Janae Wiggins

American Legion Boys State—Brennan Costello, Chris Block (alternate)

American Legion Auxiliary Girls State—Janae Wiggins

Outstanding Senior Boy and Senior Girls (voted on by GHS faculty)—Mark Hilderbrand and Emily Max

Gothenburg Rotary Youth Leadership Award—Abby Ambler and Ashlee Bruntz

Presidential Award for Educational Improvement (cumulative GPA of 3.50 or above and/or recommendation of high school principal)—Susan Dudley, Zac Franzen, Zach Frazho, Kelsey Houchin, Doran Johnson, Kolton Mann, Emily Max, Bre Messersmith, Kira Peterson, Patrick Reeves, Stephanie Rubenthaler, Jeron Seimer, Nolan Wilson

Principal’s Leadership Award—Landen Haake, Mark Hilderbrand, Emily Max, Joanna Blecha, Zac Franzen

Presidential Academic Fitness (3.5 or above GPS, rank on or above 90% on a national test, i.e. ACT, SAT, ITBS)—Ali Abramson, Aaron Block, Kristi Block, Joanna Blecha, Jenna Erb, Elizabeth Graham, Landen Haake, Mark Hilderbrand, Vanessa Linegar, Alexandra Mitchell, Tyler Sheets, Scott Speck

All-Southwest Conference Academic (participate in activity for two years and have at least 3.65 GPA)—Ali Abramson, Joanna Blecha, Kristi Block, Elizabeth Graham, Landen Haake, Mark Hilderbrand, Kelsey Houchin, Doran Johnson, Vanessa Linegar, Bre Messersmith, Stephanie Rubenthaler, Tyler Sheets, Scott Speck, Nolan Wilson

All A’s—Seniors: Joanna Blecha, Kristi Block, Elizabeth Graham, Landen Haake, Mark Hilderbrand, Kelsey Houchin, Vanessa Linegar, Kolton Mann, Jeron Seimer, Nolan Wilson; Juniors: Brennan Costello, Hayden McKenney, Tre Ostergard, Tanner Schwanz, Janae Wiggins, Dane Wilson, Jessica Wolff; Sophomores: Mackenzie Brand, Joshua Clark, Kerry McPheeters, Jeramie VanAcker, Kelsey Wahlgren; Freshmen: Kaylee Beyea, Madison Costello, Morgan Kowalewski, Amanda Larson

Excellent Attendance Awards—Perfect attendance: Junior—Tanner Schwanz; Sophomores—Korey Ahlenstorf, Josh Clark, Paxton Gruber, Jamie Messersmith, Brandon Wlasiuk; Excellent attendance: Juniors—Ashlee Bruntz, Gage Headley, Aaron Lauer, Dillon McMichael, Janae Wiggins; Sophomores—Mackenzie Brand, Brett Dockweiler, Kersten Nelson; Freshmen—Caleb Geiger, Alex Spencer

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