Friday, June 22, 2018
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Liberal proposals make us losers

Lloyd Pohl is a proud liberal. He takes us back to 1776, before the original definition of the word liberal was supplanted by liberals. Lloyd would have us believe that 56 liberals signed the Declaration of Independence, while a “leading conservative”—“a guy named Robertson”(?) was afraid to break with George III. It’s ironic that recently, while conservatives were praying to remain independent, a guy named Obama restored the yoke of tyranny upon us.

Lloyd wrote that after we became independent, “the conservatives” wanted to make Washington king. I wonder how many guys that was? Lloyd wrote, “I don’t really know” what conservatives said about wasting money on the Louisiana Purchase. Does he think they opposed doubling the size of the country for a pittance?

Lloyd tells us that conservatives were okay with southern states seccession, because war was too expensive. Why did they send 360,000 guys to their deaths? For Lincoln, the Civil War was not about slavery. It was to prevent seccession. Lloyd wrote, “I don’t really know” what conservatives said about the intercontinental railroad that Lincoln signed into law. Did he mean the Pacific Railway Act, passed by a Republican congress? Two private companies used government bonds to build the line. Lloyd remembers that “conservatives called Alaska Seward’s Folley.” I doubt that his own party was too upset with another huge land purchase at two cents/acre.

Lloyd thanks God for Social Security. I thought FDR gave us that. Now, Nancy Pelosi says health care is a right. I’m confused. I thought our rights came from God. Rights given to us by politicians can just as easily be taken away.

I thank Lloyd for his military service. When he was in the Army, he saw segregation in Arkansas. He wrote, “That was the work of conservatives.” Others take a different view. The National Black Republican Association has issued a petition to Barack Obama, requesting a formal apology for the Democratic Party’s 150-year history of racism. They have a long list of what they describe as “horrific atrocities” performed by proud liberals. See

Lloyd wonders why “conservatives won’t spring for a little money” to keep the interstate highway system in repair. Eisenhower gave us the roads, but he also gave the federal government a guillotine to hang over our heads. What’s the first thing they threaten when states don’t comply with their wishes? They gave us “the gift that keeps on taking.” When did states forget how to build roads?

Before the new bill, laws were in place requiring health care be given to everyone (even illegals). They don’t prevent liberalism from killing over 1.5 million babies per year. I don’t know what the exceptionalism of Lloyd’s children has to do with liberalism. Liberals hate individualism. Now that Lloyd is old, he laments visiting one of Palin’s death panels. They’re Obama’s death panels. Palin just pointed out that they exist in the new law. I never said liberals were a bunch of losers, they’re just wrong. Their proposals make us all losers.