Friday, September 21, 2018
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Cade’s Journey—A family’s unexpected diagnosis

Cade Atkinson was what his parents believed to be an accident prone little boy. He would frequently trip and fall, and didn’t seem to possess the same athleticism as most of the other children his age. But that’s not abnormal, right? Kids are different. Some are graceful, some are not. Still, there was an ever present feeling among his family that something wasn’t just quite right.

Cade’s mom, Lynnette, describes how her precious little boy began walking on his toes a lot and just couldn’t run and jump like the other kids. Though he had reached most of his milestones as he was supposed to in his early years, there was cause for concern; so Lynnette and her husband, Brent, took Cade to see his doctor.

For compete story see the May 2, 2018 issue of The Gothenburg Times.