Thursday, September 20, 2018
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LB840 plan approved by voters

Residents within the city limits of Gothenburg were given an opportunity to make their wishes known regarding the use of their city sales tax dollars in a special mail-in election concluded this month. A total of 794 ballots were completed and returned, with 691 of those voting in favor of the plan and 103 voting against.

The proposed plan and election was spearheaded by the Gothenburg Improvement Committee (GIC) who worked diligently to inform the public of the purpose of LB840 and to make sure residents understood that they were not voting on a new tax, nor a diversion of funds that would otherwise go toward other projects.

Under the plan the city will now be able to utilize the sales tax money, which was approved by Gothenburg voters in 1991, specifically for economic development projects such as construction of new buildings, loans or grants for working capital for small business start-ups, construction of workforce housing and housing for low to moderate income individuals and for funding workforce training programs.

Under the approved LB840 plan, a Citizens Advisory Review Committee will work with the Redevelopment Authority and City Council in overseeing the administration of the program. This committee, comprised of various members of the community, will report to the City Council every six months.

The LB840 plan will remain in effect for 20 years. At that time Gothenburg citizens will be able to vote on whether or not to continue the program.