Saturday, June 23, 2018
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April is Public Health Month

Public health has seen dramatic progress achieved through a century of public health advancements — the elimination of polio, vaccination for many childhood diseases, the fluoridation of drinking water and seat belt laws. But there is more work to be done and by building on the successes of the past, we can improve Nebraskans’ health.  Progress can be made by creating safe communities that enable people to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. Small actions at the community level can make a big difference!

Children are more likely to bike or walk to school—increasing their activity levels —in communities that have newly built or improved sidewalks, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and bicycle paths.

Taking just a moment to receive (or give) a vaccination can be a life-saver. For example, people in retirement communities are 27 percent less likely to be hospitalized and nearly half as likely to die from flu- or pneumonia-related complications if they receive yearly flu vaccinations.

Businesses are part of the solution too. Workplace nutrition and physical activity programs successfully contribute to weight loss and improve body mass index among employees.

Each of these small changes starts with someone like you who is committed to improving the health of his or her community. It’s up to you to create and continue the momentum so that together we can become the healthiest nation in one generation.

For more information contact Two Rivers Public Health Department at 1-888-669-7154 or see our Web site or click here to view a video.