Friday, September 21, 2018
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Vogel answered the call to serve

Serving our country in the armed forces takes on many different forms. There are those who are called to foreign lands in combat, some who serve in other nations who are helping maintain peace or rebuild, and those who provide support on many levels from within the borders of America. All are proud to serve our nation, and all play a key role in keeping America the land of the free.

It is no secret that the Vietnam War, or conflict as some refer to it, is unlike any other that the U.S. has engaged in. Most Vietnam veterans, no matter what capacity they served, seem to share the same thought about what we were doing there—they don’t know.

Yet, even without a distinct mission, these young men and women were called to serve and they answered. Leon Vogel got that call in July 1970, when he was drafted into the U.S. Army. Having graduated from Arnold High School, Vogel was working for a local farmer and driving a gravel truck when his notice came.

He left the farm life and headed to boot camp at Ft. Lewis, Wash., then went to Ft. Benning, Ga., where he served in a transportation unit.

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