Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Blue Heron cuts ribbon on flex fuel plaza

On Sept. 28, a Gothenburg business cut the ribbon on the region’s first Ethanol fuel pumps, as Blue Heron becomes the only blender pumps location along I-80 between York and Chappel. A large crowd was on hand to mark the occasion, including Sen. Matt Williams and Lt. Governor Mike Foley, who offered congratulations to owners Barry and Gwen McDiarmid as well as the city of Gothenburg.

The Blue Heron renewable flex fuel plaza became a reality largely to the efforts of local farmer and Ethanol Board member, Scott McPheeters.

During the grand opening event at Blue Heron E85 fuel was offered for just 85 cents a gallon for three hours. E85 can be run in flex fuel vehicles only, which are often distinguished by a yellow gas cap or sticker somewhere on the car. Other fuels available at the plaza are E10, which is approved for use in all vehicles; E15, approved for use in vehicles 2001 or newer; E30 and E40, both for flex fuel vehicles only.