Thursday, July 19, 2018
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A liberal point of view responds

I grew up in Wild Horse Valley and graduated from Gothenburg High School in 1951. I was in graduate school at Nebraska and was in attendance when the Cornhuskers had their first sell-out. I get season tickets to the football games and come back several times a year.

There is some guy named Davis who keeps writing you letters telling you how terrible liberals are—I’m a liberal and proud of it. I figure we wouldn’t even have a country if conservatives had their way.

The day the Declaration of Independence was signed, the leading conservative of the day—a guy named Robertson from Pennsylvania—was giving a speech urging reconciliation with the king.

When the constitution was being written, the conservatives wanted to make Washington king.

I don’t really know what conservatives said about Jefferson wasting all that money on the Louisiana Purchase.

If the conservatives had their way in the 1860’s, we would have the U.S. and the confederate states. The Civil War was very expensive.

I don’t really know what conservatives said about the Intercontinental Railroad that Lincoln signed into law, but I can still remember my folks talking about railroad land that went to pay for it.

I do remember that the conservatives called Alaska Seward’s folley.

I don’t know what the conservatives said about women getting the vote, but I’ll bet it wasn’t good.

World War II-time conservatives were called isolationists. They wanted to keep us out of Europe’s troubles. Roosevelt had to come up with lend lease to help out England before the Japanese finally attacked, and thank God for Social Security. It keeps me from living in a tent or under a bridge or in a cardboard box.

Going back a little, there was another Roosevelt. A conserver of numerous places, the builder of the Panama Canal—that must have cost a dollar or two.

Then, there was Truman. He integrated the Armed Forces. Later on, lots of things got integrated, but when I went in the Army, I remember Black drinking fountains, Black toilets and Black everything when I got sent to Arkansas. That was the work of conservatives.

Conservatives sneeringly speak of Democrats as being taxers and spenders, but they say Ike was responsible for the interstate highway system—that must have taken some taxing and spending. Too bad the conservatives won’t spring for a little money to keep it in repair.

Now, we have conservatives screaming “baby killer” at Democrats over the health care bill. How many poor people did health care, as it was until a few days ago, kill? It seems to me that the real “killers” are conservatives.

In the last letter I read from Mr. Davis, he said liberals were a bunch of losers. My oldest son represented the United States three times in international competition in modern pentathlon, made all America in fencing at Cal State Long Beach, and held the 500-yard free style swimming record at his high school for over 20 years. My daughter swam competitively, won about every award possible in singing and got a college scholarship to sing at Northern Arizona. My youngest son won eight first-places in one day in a swimming meet against 8-year-olds when he was only 6. At one point in time, he had run the fastest half-mile of any 8-year-old in Kern County, CA. He went on to play football, basketball and baseball in high school being a four-year starter in baseball. Then, he played football and baseball in college. Yep, nothing but a bunch of damn losers!

Oh well, my lady and I are getting pretty old. I guess we won’t get to come back to Nebraska this fall. We have to make an appointment with one of Palin’s death panels.