Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Area News Digest

Taken from the news columns of area newspapers.

Lex Labor Day event named top attraction

COZAD—Lexington hosted the 24th Annual Labor Day Antiques and Crafts Extravaganza at the Dawson County Fairgrounds. The event stretched over the three-day weekend with more than 10,000 people passing through the gates to observe exhibits from over 180 vendors from several Midwestern states and all parts of Nebraska. The event was also named as the top attraction in the state by the Department of Tourism.—reported in the Tri-City Trib.

Fast-moving storm takes family garage

BROKEN BOW—Folks in the Weissert community northeast of Broken Bow were wondering just what hit the early evening of Aug. 30. For sure there was the wind, and for sure there was the rain, but by late evening there was talk that it may have been a bit more. Mike and Karen Connely are now minus a garage. She sent her children to the basement when the weather started looking bad, and thought about parking the car inside the garage for safe-keeping. The car is fine and now the garage is gone. According to a North Platte Weather Service official, there was a straight line wind but with a character of its own.—reported in the Custer County Chief.

Protesters greet G&P commissioners

OGALLALA—While the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission made it clear the lifting of a ban prohibiting alcohol from state parks would not be discussed during its recent meeting at the Lake McConaughy Visitor Center, a group of Ogallala High School students, their sponsor and a spokesperson for an alcohol awareness group, held a silent protest outside the doors holding handmade signs.The students were representatives of the Ogallala Youth Committee BUD (Banning Underage Drinking) division.—reported in the Keith County News.

Web site draws a New York couple to Arnold

ARNOLD—A Web site for Arnold surfaced on the Internet for a New York couple, who after researching about the town, moved from New York to Arnold where they are finding a more peaceful and friendly way of life. Bill and Eileen Moser were looking for a new home far away from the crowded city life when they found a live link to Arnold. “Arnold’s Web site made you keep digging, it is really a well done site,” said Eileen. Information on the schools, the government and more were available, and after an email exchange, the couple made the move and are happy they did.—reported in the Arnold Sentinel.

Callaway’s Kite Flight celebrates 20th birthday

CALLAWAY—Callaway Kite Flight turned 20 over Labor Day weekend at Smith Field and maintained its title as Kite Flight Capital of Nebraska and USA Today’s Top 10 Kite Flying Sites list. The weekend began with the raising of the flag and opening of concessions. Kiters then took to the field in search of the right breeze to launch kites ranging from the smallest to the monstrous, all colorful and beautiful to observe. The weekend was to wrap up with lighted kites at dusk. The American Kite Association and Callaway Market sponsored candy drops for children along with other activities. There have been guests from 25 states and 12 nations that have registered for the event over the past 20 years.—reported in the Callaway Courier.